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Join 1000+ educators and turn lessons into tech projects that kids love

Transform lessons into tech projects

With tailored lesson plans, collaboration tools and skills mapping, you'll confidently teach technical subjects, even if you're not a tech expert! 

💻 Tech projects students love

Through project-based learning, we empower students to build real tech skills and become confident, creative problem solvers making it easy to introduce AI and coding into your lessons.

Professional Development that's actually fun

Join us for fun and inspiring PD workshops that help you introduce to the best tech from the worlds best thinkers and leaders.

Join a community of super educators

Join our community that brings together innovative educators from across the world.

💜 Teachers love us

We take teachers seriously, and we take kids seriously, we call this hard fun!

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If you are looking for a fun 'no pressure' way to engage your teachers and students with AI then give Mindjoy a go.

Jacqui, EdTech Teacher & Coding Curriculum Specialist

Inspire a love of learning 🧠



Planning your lessons has never been this simple and fun!

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Coach students to build real-world software projects using cutting-edge tech.

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Pair lessons you know with tech playgrounds to create inspiring learning experiences.

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Make learning meaningful through reflection and continuous feedback.

Our collaborators 🤝

We work with inspiring schools and organizations. One of our core principles is that we want to bring friends along our journey. Join us!

Frequently asked questions

What is project-based learning and why is it important?

With Mindjoy, kids learn by doing. Students explore concepts by completing projects that develop problem-solving, creativity and communication skills. This makes learning more fun, engaging and meaningful for students. We believe that learning shouldn’t be something that happens to students, but something they actively participate in creating. All our projects build student choice into the process and provide opportunities for reflection, feedback and revision.

How does Mindjoy think about learning?

Our goal is to create magical learning moments. These are moments when a child: is motivated and chooses to persevere through something challenging, does something they didn’t think they could, has an “aha” moment where they surprise themselves or discover something new about the world.

Do all Mindjoy subscriptions come with superhero capes?

Uhhh yes of course they do :)

What is hard fun?

Hard Fun is when a task is enjoyable because it challenges you. We want kids to learn that struggle is not a bad thing; if things are too easy, we don't actually learn. With Mindjoy, kids develop confidence in their own capacity to solve problems.

Do you offer school- or district-wide pricing?

Yes, we do. Please get in touch with us at